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Cane Work is the new home for Walking Stick Self Defence as taught by Shihan Kevin Garwood 6th Dan. This site contains background information on the style, galleries and an online shop to purchase the first ebook on this subject from Shihan Garwood.

Cane Work Workshops/Seminars
Shihan Garwood is now taking bookings for Canework Workshops and seminars in 2011. If you wish to experience Cane Work first hand then please get in touch via the contact page.
Private Sessions Available
Anyone wishing to arrange either group/individual sessions in 'Cane Work' with Shihan Kevin Garwood please get in touch.
Gorleston Gt Yarmouth


7-00pm - 8-00pm

Gorleston Methodist Church, Lowestoft Road

Cost: £3-00 per class


Time:10-00 till 11-00

Lichfield Community Centre, Suffolk Road, Southtown

Cost: £3-00 per class

Ipswich Norwich

Mondays (fortnightly)

Time: 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Cost: £3-00 per class

Contact for details


Time: 10.00-11.00 am

Venue: Eaton Community Centre South Park Road Norwich

Cost: £3.00 per session

You do not have to be a cane user to attend these classes - Canes are provided at each session.