Cane Work

Walking Stick

Self Defence

About Cane Work

Cane Work is the name for Shihan Garwoods self defence with a walking stick. The techniques taught are effective and simple to learn, exactly what you need in a self defence situation.

Shihan Garwood has been a passionate devotee of the Martial Arts for over 25 years with Black Belts in Judo,Dai Jitsu and Goshin Jitsu. He also teaches Qigong based relaxation classes and has teaching qualifications with the British School of Yoga, The British Combat Sombo Association, British Amateur Wrestling Association, British Amateur Weight Lifting Association and a Diploma in Sports Psychology, to name a few!

Shihan Garwood

Shihan Garwood has also trained with Sensei John Roberts-James 4th Dan the founder of Sutekki Shin Jutsu. Further information on Sensei Roberts-James can be found on his site Personal Protection Publications, the link is available from the links page.

With a wealth of experience Shihan Garwood teaches all ages and abilities at regular classes.

Mondays 10am - 11am Eaton Community Centre South Park Road, Norwich>
Tuesdays 1-30pm - 3-00pm Church Lane Community Centre, Gorleston
Tuesday 7-00pm - 8-00pm Gorleston Methodist Church, Lowestoft Road
Wednesday 10am - 11am Lichfield Community Centre, Suffolk Road, Southtown
Wednesday 5-30pm - 7-30pm Lichfield Community Centre, Southtown

Fridays 10am - 11-15am Gentle Exercise and Tai Chi Cane, Church Lane Community Centre, Gorleston

Fridays 7-00pm - 8-30pm Church Lane Community Centre, Gorleston

For information regarding these classes please get in touch (details found on the contact page).